It’s a little bizarre to think that just a couple years ago, none of us knew what “Uber” or “Airbnb” or “Snapchat” were. Of course, now they’re multi-billion dollar companies whose products you probably use in your everyday life.

What if you could pinpoint a company while it was still up-and-coming? You’d be in the perfect position to join get in on the ground floor, use your skills to help a company grow while growing your own career, and hopefully snag some equity (or at least major bragging rights) along the way.

Well, good news. We’ve found 14 up-and-coming companies that we think could become the next huge successes. But of course, they need you people like you to do that. So check out the list—and snag the opportunity of a lifetime.

1. Virool

Virool helps brands and agencies deliver their video content to the right people at the right time. And with online video advertising taking off (the industry is expected to reach $5 billion by next year), Virool itself is in the right place at the right time.

In 2014, the team grew from 12 people to 55—and they’re just getting started.

As co-founder and CEO Alex Debelov explains, “The services in this industry are really premature, and we’re the pioneers that are changing that and creating products that solve problems.”

Join Virool today (before it becomes even bigger).

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2. Bitnami

With 100-plus server applications and dev stacks, Bitnami has quickly become the one-stop shop of choice for tech enthusiasts around the world. And we’re not just saying that: Each month, one million Bitnami apps are downloaded.

The team is understandably pretty jazzed.

“In the space that we’re operating in, there are a lot of developers doing really cool things that no one has done before,” says developer Connor Atherton. “To be a part of that really excites me and inspires me every day to come to work.”

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3. Distractify

Distractify may have only been around since 2013, but this entertainment company hasn’t wasted any time. By publishing some of the most popular stories and videos on the web, Distractify has reached over 350 million readers in those few short years. That makes it one of the fastest-growing sites in history.

As you can imagine, creativity, laughter, collaboration, and good times reign at the company’s Austin headquarters. (Did we mention it’s one of the fastest-growing startups in the area, as well?)

Apply now for your chance to grow Distractify even more.

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4. CloudPassage

Everything is in the cloud these days, and CloudPassage is right at the center of the innovation. Thanks to its comprehensive, SaaS-based cloud security platform, businesses can get instant visibility into their virtual infrastructure. Not only does this make companies more efficient, but it also helps them spot threats as soon as they appear.

Some of the world’s leading VC firms have backed CloudPassage—and the company has also partnered with top cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, IBM (Softlayer), Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace.

In other words, CloudPassage has already been recognized as a major deal by the industry’s key players—and is likely to become even more major.

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5. Placemeter

A lot of companies claim they’re changing the world. But Placemeter definitely is. Using proprietary computer vision technology, Placemeter analyzes video data to build stronger businesses, more efficient cities, and more innovative neighborhoods around the globe.

For example, architects can use it to see exactly how people use public spaces. Businesses can use it to track how many people on the street turn into paying customers. Governments can use it to measure pedestrian density and road usage.

And that’s just the beginning.

“At Placemeter, you really feel the product’s potential—it feels like you’re working on something big and important,” says employee David Fine.

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6. Jumpcut Studios

Jumpcut Studios launched in 2014 with a mission: to help creators monetize their viral content. To that end, the company has built a media distribution platform. Viewers get great content, and, as CEO Kong Pham explains, creators “make a comfortable living doing what they love.”

Jumpcut is taking off, and it needs team members who can grow with it. “We want people who can grow and take on responsibility,” shares staffer Kel Livson.

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7. Peanut Labs

“I see Peanut Labs growing in terms of revenue, in terms of the number of team members, and in terms of the number of products that we will have,” says Zahara Malik, Director of Client Services.

And so far, that seems to be coming true. Founded in 2007 as a market research platform, Peanut Labs has since expanded into monetization and advertising. Every team member is passionate about solving the traditional challenge of connecting brands with consumers for research purposes.

So if you’re eager to make an impact and you believe in that goal, you’d be a perfect fit.

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8. Dextro

With Dextro’s API and impressive computer vision chops, developers and businesses can draw actionable insights from the objects that appear in photos, videos, and streams.

So that means that if a company wants to know how many more people took pictures of its product after a campaign, well, it can find out!

For the Dextro team, it’s a thrill to know its work is ushering in a new era of data analysis by enhancing the technological understanding of the physical and digital world. And while the team is small right now, Dextro is expanding really quickly. Snag your spot now.

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9. Fetch Robotics

For the right person, a job at Fetch Robotics is the opportunity of a lifetime. This VC-backed Silicon Valley startup is designing robots—like the Freight mobile base and Fetch mobile manipulator models—to streamline logistic operations, provide real-time warehouse information, and ultimately increase productivity.

“The robots at Fetch Robotics are cutting edge, a lot of fun, and get better every single day,” says Lead Robotics Engineer Ian Danforth.

Danforth also says there’s no one better in the world at building robots than the Core Robotics team, which means that if you want to explore this exciting technology (and let’s face it, make your inner geek really, really happy), this is the startup for you.

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10. BandPage

This tech company is poised to make a huge impact on the music industry. More than 500,000 mainstream and up-and-coming musicians use its customizable platform to share their music and tour information and offer merchandise and VIP experiences.

Unsurprisingly, the team at BandPage is obsessed with music—and excited about their opportunity to help creators.

Market Strategy Manager Michael Nurick explains, “There’s so much mistrust out there in the music industry—but BandPage is a space that’s truly working on behalf of the artists.”

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11. The Trium Group

The Trium Group, a management consulting firm, says that its clients are the world’s change leaders—and with a roster that includes PG&E, World Bank, Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, eBay, and Gap Inc., it’s right.

The team helps clients solve complex organizational and leadership challenges by improving their culture, strategies, and processes. And The Trium Group’s unique approach has made it a rising star.

“Trium is a world-class consulting firm that combines the sophistication of McKinsey, the creativity of IDEO, and the intimacy of an elite boutique firm,” says consultant Darren Gold. “It’s really one of a kind.”

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12. Dropbox

Okay, so you’ve probably heard of Dropbox. But this file storage company belongs on the “up-and-coming” list nonetheless—or at least, its sales team does. The sales team at this huge organization is still relatively small, however, that’s changing as the company is channeling lots of resources into its global Enterprise Sales and Channel Partnerships. Which means? This is the perfect time to get in and make your mark.

The company is searching for people who want to be thought leaders in their industry and help companies work the way they want with Dropbox.

And the opportunity for career growth is astounding. After all, as more and more businesses move to the cloud to collaborate, Dropbox is only going to get bigger.

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13. iMedicare

iMedicare has an inspiring mission: to help small-time pharmacy owners keep their customers and take advantage of the latest technologies. And its product has really resonated with these businesses: In just one year, iMedicare went from servicing 1,000 pharmacies to 3,000.

The team members are excited by their success, citing CEO Flaviu Simihaian as the inspiration for their hard work. But it’s not all work and no play. When they hit benchmarks (which is pretty often these days), the employees love going out for celebratory drinks.

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14. On Purpose

On Purpose is a year-long, paid leadership program for talented people from all types of backgrounds. The one thing they have in common? A desire to use the power of business to do good.

As an On Purpose associate, you’ll be part of this rapidly growing network of ambitious and socially conscious professionals. Thanks to the practical experience, weekly training from influential leaders, ongoing mentorship, and networking opportunities, you’ll also be well-positioned to do something huge.

You’ll find it’s not just On Purpose that’s up-and-coming—your career will be on the rise as well. The application deadline for the next batch of associates is coming up this weekend, so get your foot in the door fast!

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