employees playing Connect Four in GoGuardian’s El Segundo, CA, office

Figuring out your next career step can seem daunting. To help in your search, we’ve compiled this list of our 12 newest partners.

You’ll discover all kinds of interesting companies—from digital wealth management firm Personal Capital to Food52, whose recipes and content inspire people to “eat thoughtfully and live joyfully.”

The best part? When you read our company profiles, you get an inside look at what it’s really like to work there. For example, you can hear from two employees who helped build the early infrastructure of what is now GoGuardian’s engineering team. Or learn more about how CultureIQ applies the same data and expertise they use to create great workplace cultures for clients to improve their own.

Whatever your dream job might be, keep scrolling—you might just find your ideal fit right here.

1. CultureIQ

CultureIQ company profile

There is more to a great job than just a paycheck. Today, great companies and great places to work are one of the same. CultureIQ creates a world-class client experience, backed by research, powered by technology. With their powerful platform and team of strategists, they enable business leaders to give their employees a voice through data-driven insights that help shape and drive measurable, positive culture change. Together, the team at CultureIQ is showing clients the path to designing, measuring and activating cultures—and having fun doing it.

2. Oscar Health

Oscar Health company profile

In the last seven years, Oscar has experienced exponential growth, becoming the fastest-growing startup health insurer in the country. At Oscar, employees have the ability to make a real impact, solving problems that will transform the health care system and change the lives of its members. Oscar is powered by exceptional people who are passionate about tackling an enormous problem and changing health care for good. The company’s culture is what anyone would expect at a startup—fast paced, fun, and high-energy. Oscar’s offices feature open layout to encourage communication and collaboration. The team also plans exclusive events each month to celebrate and bring employees together.

3. Clover

Clover company profile

Clover provides powerful, intuitive point-of-sale systems for small and medium businesses. They work on some of the most complex financial systems in the industry that require state-of-the-art technology and process tens of millions of transactions a day. Clover provides a fast-paced start-up environment with the stability of corporate financial backing from its parent company, Fiserv. At Clover, employees get to make a true impact—there’s a lot of freedom for people to take an idea and run with it if they have the drive to get it done. Employees love working at Clover because they get to see the results of their work first-hand, and there’s a thrill in competing against big tech companies with smaller teams. Clover looks to hire people that are flexible, smart, and willing to find solutions to hard problems.

4. Brex

Brex company profile

Brex, a financial services and technology company, aims to solve problems in the payments and financial space that have gone untouched for years. The company’s focus on building an extraordinary team means employees get to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Brex promotes a culture of trust that enables individuals to operate autonomously while maintaining an incredible pace of growth. Employees regularly see the impact of their work in a matter of days or weeks and love the sense of ownership they have over projects. People who want to accelerate their careers and ramp up their skills are sure to find what they are looking for at Brex.

5. Miro

Miro company profile

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform for cross-functional teams in organizations of all sizes. The company has a vibrant culture that lives and breathes values like "play as a team to win the world," "dare to dream big and work hard," and "yes to passion; no to BS." Miro values authenticity and seeks people who can be coaches, collaborators, teachers, and strong, structured thinkers. The company’s offices in LA, SF, Austin, and Amsterdam are eclectic, dynamic places to work—and hiring in these locations is doubling in the next year.

6. Food52

Food52 company profile

Food52 is a leading innovator in the food, cooking and home space whose recipes, stories, and curated home goods reach more than 16 million people monthly. Ask any employee about the best part of working at Food52 and they’ll say its the neverending bounty of food. With two test kitchens where they shoot their cooking demos and mouthwatering photos, recipe developer Josh Cohen and his team pump out restaurant-quality treats daily to fuel innovation. Giving back is also part of Food52’s team spirit. Every year, the company decides which charitable organization to support as a group—in 2020, the winner was No Kid Hungry.

7. GoGuardian

GoGuardian company profile

GoGuardian is on a mission to transform education by helping to protect students in the digital space from harmful and distracting content and supporting their mental health. The company partners with schools to identify learning patterns and maximize the academic potential of every student. With GoGuardian, educators can engage students with more effective resources while also promoting online accessibility in the most applicable way for their school population. The company has come a long way since it was founded in 2014. Employees enjoy a wide range of office perks, from daily catered meals and a fully-stocked kitchen to weekly yoga classes and guided aromatherapy meditation. GoGuardian also offers an annual personal growth stipend to encourages its people to continue learning.

8. Personal Capital

Personal Capital company profile

Personal Capital helps customers understand and plan their entire financial lives as part of their mission to be the "people's champion in the financial industry." The company provides free financial tools that anyone can use, as well as personalized wealth management services for qualified clients. More than a third of their employees are registered financial advisors who build personal relationships with their clients while also using robust financial tools. The team at Personal Capital is very client-centric and values empathy, clarity, and transparency above all else.

9. Biz2Credit Inc.

Biz2Credit Inc. company profile

Biz2Credit’s mission is to provide small businesses with industry-leading lending solutions in a flexible and transparent manner. Internally, the employee mission statement is simple: “We give our people credit.” To that end, the leadership team has spearheaded multiple initiatives that invest in employees. One program recognizes people’s achievements in light of the company’s core values—collaboration, responsibility, empowerment, disruption, innovation, and trust. Biz2Credit also provides medical and dental benefits, a 401(k) match, flexible spending accounts, free lunch on Fridays, and plenty of snacks daily. All of these elements contribute to the understanding that culture can’t only be developed—it must also be maintained.

10. Thycotic

Thycotic company profile

Thycotic empowers more than 10,000 organizations around the globe—from small businesses to the Fortune 500—to manage privileged access. They make enterprise-grade privilege management accessible for everyone by eliminating the need for complex security tools and prioritizing productivity, flexibility, and control. With Thycotic, companies can achieve more than with any other privilege security tool.

11. iCIMS

iCIMS company profile

iCIMS knows how important it is to hire the right people—but hiring is only half the story. As recruiting becomes more competitive and complex, iCIMS is dedicated to supporting the growth of businesses and the careers of job seekers. Internally, iCIMS takes great pride in extending the same best-in-class experience to employees. With an intentional company culture focused around eight core competencies—drive, passion, adaptability, kaizen, customer commitment, transparency, accountability, and empathy—iCIMS employees respect, support, celebrate, and learn from one another, all while making a real, measurable impact.

12. Cars.com

Cars.com company profile

Cars.com invented car search. Their site and suite of innovative solutions connect buyers and sellers to match people with their perfect car. With their people or “matchmakers” spread across the U.S. and 20-plus years of company growth, they still maintain a startup culture with innovation and passion for their people at the core of everything they do. Working at Cars.com fuels individuals’ creativity and career growth while collaborating together to drive the future of automotive retail.

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