Bright lights, big city—new job!

There’s so much opportunity in New York City—but sometimes you just need a little help finding it. If you’re currently job searching in the Big Apple, then we have just the solution: 12 companies that we would kill to work for, that also happen to be brimming with opportunity (a.k.a., job openings).

Find one that excites you as much as the city itself, peek inside their offices to make sure it’s a fit, and then check out their jobs listings to find your perfect match today!

1. GrubHub

GrubHub’s company mission is to bring easy online menu viewing, meal ordering, and food delivery services to hungry citizens in urban areas. Based out of Chicago, the company works closely with restaurant partners and hungry eaters to help streamline online ordering. GrubHub processes, delivers, and caters better dining experiences to both sides of the restaurant industry—helping businesses prosper and people get fed.

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2. TripleLift

TripleLift is a company looking to revolutionize how brands advertise online. With its innovative native advertising products, clients are able to forgo traditional website banner advertisements for big, beautiful imagery alongside contextually relevant content to tell their branded stories. With TripleLift, companies can build advertisements for the visual web—giving publishers a more meaningful presence and consumers a better ad experience

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3. MediaRadar

MediaRadar is a cloud-based ad sales information service, helping websites, magazines, and newspapers dramatically improve ad sales and client management. MediaRadar provides detailed brand analysis and prospecting reports on over 2.3 million brands, culling advertising and editorial insights from more than 16,000 media properties and giving its 1,200 clients—including ESPN, RollingStone, and Bloomberg—a competitive edge by empowering their Sales Teams to enhance and streamline their sales processes.

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4. Huge

Huge was founded on the idea that the principles of user experience should drive not just design, but also how companies do business and interact with their customers. Huge has grown from a small design boutique into a global agency. By bringing together best-in-class service, design, strategy, and technology, the company is known for driving digital transformation and helping companies overcome barriers to innovation.

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5. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow works to build expert question and answer communities for online information seekers. By offering 136 outlets for users to post, answer, and peer review specific topics such as mathematics, science, cooking, and computer programming, the company bridges the gap between novice knowledge inquiries and expert advice—creating a rewarding experience for all involved.

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6. Bloomberg

Bloomberg connects influential decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people, and ideas. The company’s strength—quickly and accurately delivering data, news, and analytics through innovative technology—is at the core of everything it does. With over 15,500 employees in 192 locations, Bloomberg delivers business and financial information, news, and insight around the world.

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7. Bridgespan

The Bridgespan Group helps social sector leaders scale the impact of their organizations, build their leadership, advance the effectiveness of their philanthropy, and accelerate their learning. Bridgespan's clients are working on society’s most important challenges in three critical areas: expanding pathways of opportunity for disadvantaged populations, pursuing of environmental sustainability, and civic engagement. Collaborating with some of the most important funders and nonprofit organizations in the sector, The Bridgespan Group supports all this through services that range from strategy consulting to executive search, leadership development, philanthropy advising, and developing and sharing insights.

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8. Placemeter

Placemeter ingests any kind of video to analyze pedestrian and vehicular movement, revealing hidden patterns and strategic opportunities. The company’s platform leverages proprietary computer vision technology to gather data from live streams and archival video. Placemeter’s mission? The company is working to help build stronger businesses, more efficient cities, and more innovative neighborhoods around the world.

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9. General Assembly

General Assembly, established in 2010, is a global educational community led by specialized technologists set on empowering individuals to pursue passionate work. The company offers full-time, part-time, and one-day immersive programs, courses, classes and workshops at its fourteen worldwide campuses and on its online platform—helping ambitious students hone expert tech skills within the ever-changing digital marketing, web development, UX design, data science, and business space.

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10. GLG

GLG gathers top professionals from around the globe to share their expertise with clients in every industry. Through one-on-one conversations, group roundtables, and direct mentorship, users at more than 1,400 client companies in 40 countries are able to gain insights that allow more informed outcomes of critical business decisions.

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11. Squarespace

Squarespace makes creating your own beautiful website easier than ever before. Users choose from a variety of customizable templates and extensive features to create a great site, which they can then connect to their favorite social media platforms. With Squarespace, even an inexperienced web user can build and design a creative, professional presence on the web.

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12. Venmo

Founded in 2009, the Venmo application is a payment platform, allowing users to exchange money with friends for a variety of transactions—from rent to movie tickets. Venmo was acquired by Braintree in 2012 and became part of the eBay family in 2013, but the team continues to operate independently and pave the way for faster, simpler digital payments.

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