Are you a seasoned New Yorker—or merely a Manhattanite in your dreams? Well, we’re about to make your day, because we’ve rounded up 10 NYC companies that need tons of smart, hard-working people (like you!) ASAP.

You’ll not only find lots of opportunities at these places, you’ll also find lots of perks. A great job plus great bonuses plus a great location? That’s basically the career trifecta. So, take a look at which of these New York companies is right for you, then apply today. (Or, take a look at all of our open NYC jobs!)

1. GrubHub

GrubHub wants to bring people the food they want, when and where they want it. Its super easy system for menu viewing, meal ordering, and food delivery has made city residents across the nation hugely satisfied. With a customer base that’s constantly growing larger, GrubHub needs lots of help.

The company is looking for several new employees, especially in its engineering and finance departments.

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2. Huge

Huge is a global agency bringing together best-in-class service, strategy, technology, and design to help companies be innovative and relevant.

“The kinds of people that are great for Huge—culturally, professionally, and experience-wise—are people who care,” says Leala Abbott, Associate Director of Content Strategy. “We like to do things our clients love, and we work very hard to see them come to fruition.”

If that sounds like you, check out the open positions, especially in the company’s creative and design department.

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3. Clarity Staffing

Clarity Staffing, located in midtown Manhattan, is one of the city’s top 10 recruitment agencies, placing people in positions ranging from IT to publishing and entry-level to executive. And while helping companies grow, the agency has been growing incredibly quickly itself.

Help someone else’s career take off with one of Clarity Staffing’s positions (including tons of HR and recruitment positions), and then watch your own career take off as well.

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4. Bluewolf

Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm that helps its clients engage their customers and drive sales. With top industry clients and three major product releases a year, the company is headed for global impact—but to get there, it needs your help.

The Manhattan location needs talented employees in all departments, so get your foot in the door today.

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5. Sailthru

Sailthru, which enables companies to personalize their customer interactions, is one of the fastest-growing tech marketing companies in NYC.

Not only will you have lots of opportunities to take on new responsibilities, you’ll also get the chance to expand your skill set. According to employees, Sailthru puts a huge emphasis on professional development. So, grow your career with a new job here ASAP!

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6. Magnetic

Thanks to Magnetic’s leading position in the search retargeting industry, it’s on the hunt for fresh new talent. Interested in helping businesses and brands make their advertising more effective? The company’s headquarters especially need people in engineering, finance, and strategy.

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7. L2

This digital benchmarking and education company may be just five years old, but it’s managed to develop a notable roster of clients—including Google, Procter & Gamble, and Sofitel.

According to engineer Raj Das, “L2 is growing rapidly, but the startup culture permeates throughout. There’s freedom to take real responsibility for projects that will have a direct impact on the company and our clients. And there’s always plenty of support from talented colleagues.”

Take a look at its many open positions now!

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8. eMarketer

eMarketer is a digital research firm and trusted authority on marketing data, insights, and perspectives to the world’s top brands, agencies, and media companies. The company has been around since 1996, which means it’s been around for much longer than the average media company.

One of the main reasons for its success? Its awesome talent pool! Join this award-winning team today by applying for one of its multiple NYC jobs.

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9. Compass

The co-founders of Compass have revolutionized New York’s real estate by creating a simple, technology-powered platform that was transparent and efficient for every single user. The company has since expanded to DC, Maryland, and Virginia. But that’s just the beginning—Compass plans on growing nationwide.

To help it get there, it needs people like you.There are positions for every type of professional, so no matter who you are, there’s a place for you at Compass.

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10. Handy

If you live in the city, you’ve probably heard of Handy (or seen it on the subway). The company has turned the world of household chores upside down by quickly connecting its users to top-notch professionals with the click of a button. Having a clean home has never been so easy.

Handy is only going to get more successful, so you’d be smart to snag a job there today. The company is looking for people in every department, especially engineering.

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