You’ve probably had a LinkedIn profile for a while, and it most likely looks pretty good. But did you know that taking your page from good to great can help you land jobs, find new opportunities, and meet awesome people who can do wonders for your career?

If you really want to up your LinkedIn game, these 10 things are crucial to having the best (and most professional) profile on the block, all courtesy of The Daily Muse. Applause not necessary.

  1. LinkedIn now allows you to have a background cover photo, but what the heck do you put there? Check out these 23 stylish, but professional, pictures to try.
  2. Was your profile picture taken at a bar while your friends were getting drunk in the background? It’s time to upgrade and take a professional headshot (for free!).
  3. A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a LinkedIn headline is worth a thousand more. Good news: You can fix your own headline in just five minutes.
  4. Get the summary on your profile in check with these five easy-to-use templates.
  5. Recruiters will totally judge you if these five tiny things are on your profile. Getting rid of them only takes a couple of minutes.
  6. Your updates are seen by all of your connections, so before you post anything, ask yourself three very important questions.
  7. Take out these 10 overused words from your profile ASAP and replace them with something better.
  8. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s posting features to let the world know your thoughts and brand yourself as someone who matters.
  9. Rack up awesome recommendations from the people who know you best.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, what do your LinkedIn endorsements say about you?

Photo of LinkedIn courtesy of GongTo/Shutterstock.