Your job may be a big part of your life. But, it doesn’t make up your entire life. You still have commitments, passions, and responsibilities outside of the four walls of your office.

Unfortunately, managing your career in tandem with your personal interests can often feel like you’re juggling 34 flaming batons—with a blindfold on and one hand tied behind your back.

But, what if I told you things didn’t need to be that way? What if you could find a company that lets you excel and grow, while still having the flexibility to live (and love!) your own life?

Well, prepare to be amazed—because we found 10 companies that provide the opportunity to do just that. Brush off your resume and leave that stressful circus act behind.

2. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor company profile
HomeAdvisor culture
Working at HomeAdvisor

Launched in 1999, HomeAdvisor—an IAC owned company—is home improvement heaven to property owners and service professionals. Facilitating instant online booking, confident hiring, cost guides, and resources, HomeAdvisor matches homeowners seeking maintenance with the largest network of pre-screened home pros nationwide—all for free. Simultaneously, HomeAdvisor also connects qualified service providers with business boosting access to endless customers.

Besides having amazing employee benefits, HomeAdvisor rewards and recognizes its trail-blazing teams with incredible work incentives that keep them excited. In doing so, the company arms teammates with extra paid time off, exotic trips, and even cash bonuses that allow them to head out and really enjoy their lives. HomeAdvisor always wants its employees to know they’re the company’s most valuable assets and that every contribution is worthwhile.

3. HBO

HBO company profile
HBO culture
Working at HBO

HBO delivers premium programming to more than 150 countries around the world, and it is always seeking top talent. The company offers not only competitive pay and benefits, but also an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity. An advocate for balance between work and life outside the office, HBO is also serious about creating positive change and supporting important social issues that touch the community of its fans, consumers, and candidates. Across the company, HBO welcomes passionate people who are committed to creating and delivering quality content.

Work-life balance is a main pillar of HBO’s culture—in fact, you could probably call it the main pillar. The company’s family-like atmosphere promotes both achievement and enjoyment—enabling employees to manage and merge professional aspirations, personal commitments, and recreational interests. “Everyone—management and co-workers alike—promotes living your life so you can experience great things and bring them back,” says Olufemi Leverett, Associate Manager of Account Management, Marketing, and Creative Services.

6. Validity

Validity company profile
Validity culture
Working at Validity

Validity collects, processes, analyzes, and provides data from across the email ecosystem, giving companies the insight they need to build closer, safer, and smarter relationships with customers.

With a beer cart, softball team, yoga classes, bi-weekly massage appointments, and office-wide games, the folks at Return Path don’t just say they work hard and play hard—they live it. Beyond that, the company’s flexible schedules and open PTO policy grant you the flexibility you need to prioritize your life ahead of your work when you need to. And your teammates are always there to support you—both in the office and out. “We challenge each other, motivate each other, and celebrate the good stuff together,” explains Regional Sales Executive Mallary Pittman. “Both personally and professionally.”

8. VMware

VMware company profile
VMware culture
Working at VMware

A leader in cloud infrastructure, business mobility, and virtualization software, VMware entered the tech industry in 1998—offering game-changing IT solutions and simplified automated delivery systems. VMware has been recognized as a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For and Forbes' 100 Most Innovative Companies in the World—honors it credits to its over 18,000 talented employees around the world.

If you see someone dancing in the hallways at VMware, don’t be surprised. It’s not uncommon for employees to get up and practice their dance class moves between work sessions or take an impromptu gym break in the middle of the afternoon. VMware is big on work-life balance and empowering its employees, allowing them to determine their own work schedules and giving them freedom to make strategic decisions.

“VMware is a very flexible company,” says technical staff member Lipsa Rout. “It gives me an opportunity to balance my work with fun activities so that work is always an enjoyable experience.”

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Photo of woman working at home courtesy of Tetra Images/Getty Images.