We know: Job searching can be tough. Whether you’ve been looking for months or are just starting to think about your next step, finding the company with the perfect culture and job opening for you—and in the right location—is no small feat.

That’s why we wanted to give you a little boost with ten companies that are all hiring now, right in your stomping grounds. Take a peek inside their offices, browse job openings, and see if your perfect “next thing” just landed in your lap.

1. SmashBox Cosmetics

SmashBox Cosmetics company profile
SmashBox Cosmetics culture
Working at SmashBox Cosmetics

Applicants interviewing at Smashbox HQ should check out the “Love Wall” on the side of the building. Painted by street artist Curtis Kulig, it’s Instagram gold—and also a great illustration of the company's culture. The team is comprised of passionate, creative people who believe everyone should have a voice. The company is growing fast, which means it’s also a work in progress—and they're looking for people to help them improve and excel.

3. true[X]

true[X] company profile
true[X] culture
Working at true[X]

true[X] builds exciting, effective advertising for the future of media. The company's founders were driven by the belief that ads should be enabling rather than interruptive, which is why they created a company that could offer definitive advertising engagement systems for on-demand, interactive content. By building zero-waste policies into its programs and allowing viewers to choose which advertisement they want to watch before continuing with their online activities, true[X] is able to bring the biggest possible returns to its clients.

4. HED

HED company profile
HED culture
Working at HED

HED is composed of problem-solvers. As a fully integrated practice, team members works in partnership with each other and their clients—listening, sharing ideas, and engaging in resourceful collaborations to cultivate breakthroughs. Design is the big picture, the central unifying idea that informs every collective decision and action. HED understands its clients’ unique needs, and the team works diligently to produce a design that exceeds expectations.

5. AppFolio

AppFolio company profile
AppFolio culture
Working at AppFolio

AppFolio is revolutionizing the way people do business.
Serving over 20,000 U.S. property management and legal companies, Appfolio's easy-to-use, cloud-based software helps customers more effectively market, manage, and grow their business. AppFolians are dedicated to innovative products, making a difference in their customers' lives, and collaborating for a positive impact each and every day. At the heart of AppFolio is its inclusive, innovative, and encouraging company culture that inspires team members to do their best work. And with offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Boston, AppFolio is built for long-term success and growing every day.

8. Financial Finesse

Financial Finesse company profile
Financial Finesse culture
Working at Financial Finesse

Founded in 1999, Financial Finesse’s financial wellness programs are changing lives and transforming organizations across the U.S. By providing people with objective financial guidance with no ulterior motive, the independent, employee-owned firm has helped more than 2.4 million employees in over 600 companies reduce financial stress, maximize benefits, and make wiser financial decisions.

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